Interactive Fiction | Choose Your Own Adventure

I’m currently using Scrivener to write a Choose Your Own Adventure using Scrivener Links to make the choices so when the reader clicks on a choice it brings them to the next text rather than have it be like the official CYOA series where you have to turn to a certain page to proceed with the story.
So I thought it’s be cool to see if I’m the only one writing interactive fiction.

I’m also doing something like this, only not with scrivener but with a script that is made for it, and with which you can publish it. Choice of Games it is called if I remember it correctly. You should check it out some time!

Are you using a template for your CYOA, or have you developed a way of stylizing your layout?

i’m just in the same situation to write a CYOA mini book and i want to use Scrivener…
did you publish anything at the end?

Very cool!

I’m just getting started with Scrivener, but I can see how doing a CYOA-style project would be really helped by a program like this. Each numbered scene in the story would be so much easier to keep track of.

I wrote an interactive script for an app-based boardgame last summer, and did it all in MS Word. I made a flow chart to help me keep track of all the different scenes, and make sure that the player’s choices took them to the right scene. From there, it was just a matter of keeping the scenes correctly coded while I was writing them, to allow the programmers to have the in-game mechanics take the players to the correct scenes based on their choices.

Interesting project. I’ve got the final game in-hand, but haven’t yet had a chance to play it and see how it all turned out.


has anybody shared any simple template for a CYOA book with Scrivener?

just to tell you tat i solved quite well and easily using the <$linkID>
check this if interested