Interactive Quizzes

I am trying to make a Quiz ebook for Kindle.

The issue I can’t figure out is basically:

I have a question page with a link on it to click to see the answer which takes you to an answer page, and then you click another link to go back to question page.

Now I don’t want this answer page to be part of the book, meaning if you flip through the book from the first page to the last page you should never see this answer page. The only way you should see it is by clicking on the link on the question page.

How can I make sure that the answer page will not be seen when flipping through the book?

I know how to do this in MS Word and export to Kindle and it works. But how can I do this with Scrivener?

Do you have a guide you could point me to, or an example .mobi file that demonstrates what you mean? I’ve never experimented with including sections of text that cannot be navigated to except by hyperlink. It may be possible in the format, but I don’t know how it is done. At any rate Scrivener itself does not support that sort of thing (unless I am misunderstanding what you mean). It may be you can do it though, in the same way that while Scrivener has no feature for drop-caps, you can still assemble all of the necessary ingredients in making them.

Also do note that there is an option to export all of the source files that go into creating a Mobi file, from the KindleGen compile option pane. So if you know the trick to hiding a file in a valid fashion you could compile, edit the files you need to edit, and then open the OPF file in Kindle Previewer or process it manually with the kindlegen executable to create a Mobi out of the source file folder.

Another approach is to compile to ePub instead, then use Sigil or Calibre to do the final production editing and then process the ePub with one of Amazon’s tools.

I don’t have an ePub I can share which does this at the moment. But there are many trivia books on the Kindle store that I’ve bought and have this feature.

Also, there is a guy who explains here in a youtube video how to do this in MS Word for example:

Also, here is another Youtube video where a guy does this using Ulitmate Ebook Creator, and actually this video may be a better one because it shows how he compiles it:

I know how to get to other pages with links in Scrivener, but do not know how to hide those pages from flipping to them.

I’m sure there must be a way to do this with Scrivener, just wish I knew how.

Are you saying that Calibre can do this?

At which timestamps in these videos is it discussed how to acheive the effect of hiding text from the book reader entirely? I skipped through and didn’t really see anything being discussed other than how to create hyperlinks to bookmarks. The Word tutorial also concluded on a Word screenshot, and seemed to stay on it the entire time, so I’m not clear how this went from a .docx file to a .mobi file (KindleGen cannot convert from that or any other word processor format).

To hide an HTML file so that it isn’t a part of the book’s official material manifest but still have it available within the e-book as an isolated resource you can link to and from? It has nothing like that as a feature that I am aware of. :slight_smile:

These editors gives you direct access to the core technology that goes into making an e-book, so anything that technology is capable of is something these programs can do. They don’t need features in order to make something possible, just like in Photoshop you don’t need an “add a green highlight” button, you use the tool to draw a highlight. Scrivener’s compiler is more like a button generator utility that has an “add a green highlight” checkbox somewhere.

From the 2nd vid link:

It would be time stamp 18:50

Is Scrivener able to do the same?

I don’t currently have Calibre, but will look into getting it if it really can allow me to implement interactivity in quizzes that work similarly to other ebooks I’ve downloaded from the Kindle store which have interactive quizzes, but if not I’ll have to look into finding another solution. I guess few people are writing quiz ebooks, so there is probably not a lot of knowledge as to how to do this, but I’m guessing there must be a way to do it in Scrivener that I don’t know, or perhaps Calibre. If not then I need to find another solution and give up on Scrivener until such a feature is added. Basically, if I can’t do all my writing in one place within Scrivener (which in my definition includes being able to create interactive quizzes), it’s kind of useless to me and would thereby be inferior, and thus I’d be better off using other tools such as Kindle Textbook Creator, Ultimate Ebook Creator, or even MS Word, etc. As no reader wants to buy a quiz ebook and have to flip all the way to the end to see the answers, or link to the answers, and then flip through the book and see weird pages at the end with answers that make the book look unprofessional compared to other quiz books. All of that said, I still suspect that Scrivener has a way to do this that someone on this forum knows how to implement, but even if it can do it, without access to that information it means it can’t be done and I should move on to a different solution and give up on Scrivener.

I don’t see anything here that suggests the answers have been completely removed from the book you can read, though. They aren’t in the table of contents, sure, but if you look at the progress bar at the bottom of the software, when he clicks on an answer link, it jumps up to somewhere near the end of the book, meaning it is being counted as a part of the book, and thus something you’d eventually run into if you hit “Next” often enough (do correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t actually have an example of a quiz book to check).

The mostly good news is that if that is all you are looking for, then you can already do some of that directly in Scrivener, check out the chapter on creating a table of contents in the user manual, §23.2, Contents in E-books. To understand why that doesn’t solve everything, you need to know there are actually two ToCs in an e-book: the one you can flip past and tap links on, and the one you see when clicking the “Go To” style button in the reader. The method Scrivener uses can adjust what you see when you navigate to “Contents” as a readable page with links you can click on, but the answer pages will still show up in the Kindle navigation menus. To change the internal ToC itself, you would need to use an e-book editor (Calibre has a pretty decent ToC editing feature the last time I checked) after compiling.

Speaking for the future, we hope to have the second part of the ToC equation resolved, but that update is still a ways off, for now it’s just a few quick steps in something like Calibre to remove the answer pages from the “Go To” menus as well.

I’ll read the chapter you’ve mentioned, §23.2, Contents in E-books, and I’ll investigate further on how to use Calibre. I wasn’t aware of two ToCs and I probably have more things I need to understand about ToCs, Scrivener, and Calibre. Thank you very much for your support and detailed response, it is greatly appreciated. I’ll get to work studying this stuff!