Interactive Tutorial - how to?

Hi, I’m trying to make the keywords panel translucent.

In the interactive tutorial under 5e: Keywords, it says:

My black panel isn’t translucent, and I would like to know how to make it translucent. I’ve already tried:

Scrivener > Preferences, then under the Appearance tab tick the box labelled: QuickReference panels use black translucent “HUD” style.
But it doesn’t seem to make a difference to the transparency of the panel.

Depending on your macOS version (I think), that could be considered an error in the tutorial. The translucent window effect got broken somewhere around 10.10 as I recall—it was never an official look for Mac software, though Apple made heavy use of it for a while, everyone else had to roll their own window code from scratch to emulate it. Then they changed how windows are drawn and all of those old hand-made windows broke (though by that time the look had gone out of style anyway, so not many were left to break).

In Scrivener 3 the keywords panel looks more like a normal utility style panel.

Thanks, AmberV - knowing it is a typo will settle by OCD - but I wish it was translucent so I could see what’s underneath without pushing it out of the way.

Ah, it wouldn’t have been quite so useful as you’re thinking in that case. It was translucent in the sense that the title bar showed a small amount of blurred background behind it.

I just hit the shortcut whenever I need it and again to turn it off. It’s very easy to keep it out of the way when it isn’t there at all. :slight_smile: