Interactive tutorial missing

Hi - Just downloaded the windows Scrivener and trying to run the interactive tutorial, but every page seems to be blank. I have all the right headings but nothing is coming up under each topic… any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


So you click on the “START HERE” document, but don’t see anything?

Weird. I’d suggest you do these things, in this order, until you get a good tutorial file:

  1. Try highlighting the text in one of the documents to see if the text is the same color as the background. Make sure you’re not selecting just a folder in the binder, but a document with an icon that looks like a page of paper with little dashes on it.
  2. Delete the tutorial project you created, then go back to the help menu and open a new one.
  3. Uninstall Scrivener, re-download the latest one and install it, then do step 1.

When you create the tutorial project and it opens, do you get any errors, e.g. “Cannot parse RTF”? This is a bug we’re tracking down that a few users have experienced when opening projects in general which results in the documents not loading properly, so you’d see the titles but not the text as you’re describing; usually closing and reopening the project fixes this, although I have at least one user who continues to get the error message after reopening and clicking in the project.

If you’re not getting any error message and deleting and recreating the tutorial project as Robert suggested doesn’t work, try navigating to the installed Scrivener directory and copying the Tutorial.scriv folder you find there. Paste the copy in another location (e.g. your desktop) and rename it to “Testing.scriv” or the like, just to distinguish it, then open that and check that in the Files\Docs folder there are a number of RTF files and they open properly if you just look at them in the Windows Explorer preview or open them in Word or WordPad–don’t edit them; this is just to check that the text really is in there. Assuming the files appear correctly, try then opening that .scrivx in Scrivener and see if you’re getting the same issue as before.

Could you also let me know which version of Scrivener you’re running (Help > About Scrivener) and what OS you’re using?

Thanks for the help - I deleted the file and started a new one, and this time it works. Phew!
Help was much appreciated, thank you both.