Interactive tutorial project will not START

Hi folks,

I have just bought Scriv (Windows) and loaded it.

I am trying to run the Interactive Tutorial, but nothing is happening.

Is there a trick ? I clicked “Start Here”, but no joy.

I have been fiddling around with all the keys, but nothing seems to work

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Well, “interactive” in this context does not mean it will guide you automatically through the tutorial steps on a sort of slideshow, so if you expect that to happen, it won’t. The tutorial is just a Scrivener project where each document covers specific functions provided on the program. You just have to read it, follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.

Hope this helps!


I go File / New Project / Interactive Tutorial / Open … and the screen goes back to the “Start Here” format, and nothing else happens.

If, however, I go File / New Project / User Manual / Open,… it DOES take me to the 'User Manual !

What gives ? :question:

Ngiabonga/Tatenda/Merçi/Danke/Thanks !!!