Interesting cover oddity

I’m using Scrivener to publish my second ebook after successfully using it for my first. I have no trouble getting the book cover imported and displaying properly. The problem is book cover as seen from the Kindle for Mac bookshelf.

On the iPad, iPhone and in iBooks - all three - the book cover displays in their respective book shelves correctly. HOWEVER, when the same book (same file) is opened in the Kindle for Mac and then viewed in the bookshelf with the rest of my books, the cover from my FIRST book is displayed instead - even though when you open it, the cover of the SECOND book is correctly shown. Somehow, the book cover for the book shelf display isn’t updating to match the real book cover within the file.

This just may be a Kindle for Mac bug, but has anyone seen a mismatch between the book shelf cover and the cover within the book itself? I checked this forum, but I don’t see anything that’s close to what I’m seeing.


Does the project from which you are compiling contain both covers? If not, then this must be a Kindle for Mac bug, because Scrivener projects do not know each other and there is absolutely no way that one project can create an epub or mobi file that contains images from another project (unless you’ve done something odd such as create aliases in the project to the internal files from the other .scriv file, which is highly unlikely).

If the project does contain both images, then try the following:

  1. Compile to .epub.

  2. Locate the exported .epub file in the Finder and change the “.epub” extension to “.zip”.

  3. Use an unarchiver utility such as Stuffit Expander to unzip the file (note that the Unarchiver utility that is built into the Mac won’t work - it fails to unzip many files properly, including these ones. Stuffit Expander, which is free, will do the trick, though.)

  4. Poke through the unzipped folder and look at all the image files it contains.

Does it contain both covers, the wrong cover, or just the cover you wanted? If the latter, then it’s a Kindle bug.

To me, it sounds like a Kindle caching bug.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith. The project (when I originally compiled it to MOBI) contained the old image. However, I since deleted it from the project - and emptied the trash to boot - and recompiled the MOBI doc. Still the same thing.

You’re right - it looks like a cacheing issue with Kindle for Mac. I’ll be testing it out with Kindle for PC today to see if it has the same problem with the same file. Also, I may experiment with EPUB, just so I can look at the files. I’ll let you know what I find.

I appreciate the quick response!


Just a quick follow-up (for those who may see the same thing):

  • I confirmed that the issue is with Kindle for Mac. Same MOBI file on my PC, the Kindle app there displays the proper book cover. Go figure. I did a Google search, but didn’t find anything particularly useful other than some comments about incompatible aspect ratios (but that was only to display why no cover was displayed, not about an incorrect one).

  • I did compile it as an EPUB and unzipped it. The old cover is not in the images folder, only the new one and the publisher mark are. Definitely not an issue with Scrivener.

Thanks again, Keith!


Hi Michael,

Glad it turned out to be a Kindle for Mac issue, and nothing to do with Scrivener - thanks for letting me know!

Actually, I just tried a quick Google myself and came up with this: … 48303.html

So, on your Mac, in the Finder try navigating to ~/Library/Application Support/Kindle/Cache/Covers (on Lion, to open the ~/Library folder, open the “Go” menu in the Finder and hold down the Option key to reveal the user Library folder as a choice). If that folder exists, look for the offending cover image in there and delete it if it’s there.

All the best,

I found that link yesterday, too, but I’m not as technically versed on the Mac as I am with the PC, so I gave up when I couldn’t find that path. I didn’t know that the Library is hidden in Lion (I ended up making it visible permanently so searching is more thorough).

Anyway, I found both covers (two different files), deleted them both and then reopened the MOBI file in Kindle for Mac and … Voila! It now displays the correct cover (as does the original book).

This is a great tip and hopefully, anyone else who runs into it and scans this forum will find this thread.

Thanks again, Keith!!


PS: I’m not posting the command to unhide one’s Library as it could lead to potential mischief. For those reading this, do a quick Google search and you’ll find out the steps. Bonus: my conscience is now clear :smiley: