Interesting glitch in Compile Draft

Don’t know if this is something I’m doing, Keith, or a limitation of some sort I’m not aware of, but I’m sure you can enlighten me.

My novel is in 87 documents, roughly divided by scenes. For each document, I put running comments in the Document Notes section of the Inspector. I decided to compile a draft just of the notes, so I could get an idea of overall stuff to look out for in the revisions.

Here’s the story. When I chose PRINT and save as PDF, I got a 37 page pdf that only included the notes for the first 11 documents. If I export as a file, I get the notes for all 87 documents. I didn’t make any changes to the Compile Draft window other than choosing to export rather than print.

Any ideas? I like the PDF idea, as I’d like to get an idea of how the whole ms would look in print before I actually print it out. I’m also wondering if I chose to PRINT, would it only print 37 pages? Not an experiment I really want to try yet.




Well, good news and bad news. When I compiled a PDF of the text only, it did the whole thing. So it’s obviously just a funny glitch re. compiling the doc notes as a PDF, which I can live with. I’ll just print out an RTF file or something.

The bad news is that the flipping ms prints out at 617 pages!!! AAARRRGHGH. I was hoping for something around the manageable and modest 400-page mark. (The word count came in at 133,000 or something, so I guess I was deluding myself.)

I don’t WANT to have to slug through 600+ pages of drivel. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Do you have any images in the text? I ask because there is a bug in the OS X text system whereby if an image is wider than the page, then nothing gets printed after that image (possibly the image doesn’t get printed either, I forget off the bat). Although I’ve found a workaround for 2.0, for now if there is an image causing this, you’ll have to double-click on it to resize it before printing. Could this be the cause?
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Brilliant, my dear Watson!! Indeed I DO have an image in the doc notes for Scene 11. I’ll just get rid of it. Thanks much!

Now, can you give me a trick to painlessly excise 200+ pages of ms without actually having to LOOK at any of them?



I WISH I had written so much!

Glad it helped!

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Have you considered a match?

Oh, Jaysen, what a superb idea! I will go hold a big one up to my monitor right now! :smiley:

But scrivener doesn’t do pages. Are you cheating on Keith?

Oh my heavens, NEVER!! :open_mouth: I am NOT that kind of girl! :angry: I never took a toe out of Scrivener, so help me God.

Compile Draft does pages. If you ask it to, as a header. Which I did.

So there, oh ye of little faith. :stuck_out_tongue:

So then why threaten your precious mac with a match?

YOU were the one who suggested a match, Jaysen.

Flounce. Pout.

Now my brain hurts.

For the printed pages!!!

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