Interfaces other than English a hindrance for initiation

[I am posting this appreciation regarding Scrivener “under hot conditions”… I may add a more serene appreciation later on if I can gather enough patience to do some of the localization work the designers of Scrivener have not deemed appropriate to do to make my appropriation of Scrivener’s functionalities more handy for me,]

I downloaded the trial version of Scrivener because I definitely was looking for a word processing software more adapted to a writer’s needs than the “one size fits all” Word by Microsoft.

For basic desktop publishing, and for the user’s choice of software interface (language), Word is OK and I have contented myself with it until now, though I was not fully happy with it.

Scrivener came in my line of sight recently and I thought I had hit the jackpot!

Mistakenly so though, for Scrivener probably is the ideal editor’s software for those writing in the English language, but certainly not for the likes of me who want to work with electronic tools in their preferred “foreign” language.

Explanation: In all versions of Scrivener other than English, there is quite only the interface elements of the software that have been “localized”, i.e. translated into the user’s preferred language. And what good is it to that user if all initiation documentation (tutorials, etc.) is exclusively in English, making it very painful for him/her to try and cross-reference what is displayed in the documentation and what is displayed in the interface of his/her version of Scrivener ?

Idem for the videos (with the additional difficulty for a non English-speaking guy like me of trying and understand what the “British-accented” speaker is saying…).

How about using “Help” will you say!? Well, in spite of the fact that Help spells “Aide” on the menu line of my Scrivener, I’m still at a loss for finding any explanation in French in that “Aide” menu !

Conclusion: In spite of its (assumedly) real editorial sophistication, Scrivener is yet but another useful tool for the “globalization” zoelots to align the rights of the world national language speakers with the privileges of the relatively small, yet outrageously favoured group of English language speakers.

As they currently are (assuming they are all similar to the French version I have installed on my PC), the “localized” versions of Scrivener are products that are not yet sufficiently accomplished to warrant our interest, and certainly not our purchasing decision. Admittedly, the translation work that has been done for the purpose of the (version 1.9.9…) French version of Scrivener is an excellent work (judging from my 40+ years of professional EN-FR translation experience) and to resume this task until all the documentation relating to the software AND the initiation of the French version has been “localized” in French would of course make Scrivener what it should be: a fully-fledged professional writer software in French (in this particular case) !

I know this should bring the price of a fully localized version of Scrivener to a relatively higher level (this should also apply to the English version by virtue of the principle of mutualization of efforts!), but this would, in several respects (among which respect for the speakers of languages other than English would not be the least…) be the way to go if (then would to God!) you want your software to become a real world standard in its domain.