Intermittent crashes with a large number of notes

Scapple intermittently crashes when organizing / arranging documents with a significant number of notes (200+ items).

Crash log attached

scapple-crash.txt.gz (27.4 KB)

Make that semi-persistent. Another crash log attached.
scapple-crash-2.txt.gz (26.8 KB)

I’ve experienced similar crashes with fewer notes (~90). My large-ish Scapple document causes crashes on two different Macs, both relatively recent models with ample specs – perhaps an indication that the root of the issue is not resource-starvation.

I submitted my bug report and crash log via L&L’s bug reporting page a week ago but have only received an auto-reply. That page says, “We examine all bugs and try to reply to all enquiries within two business days.”

I was attempting to use Scapple for a project with a deadline. My detailed Scapple document is basically unusable, as the app crashes whenever I zoom, add or modify a note, etc.