Intermittent issue pasting an image in the editor


This is on Win 10 using Scriv for Windows

I am currently using Scriv to build a Technical manual - so it uses lots of screenshots etc. Most of these images reside either in MS-Word docs, or as stand-along image files (jpg, png, gif etc).

Regardless (or so it seems) of how I “copy” the image…

(Incidentally, I have tried CTRL-C or context menu “copy” if from inside Word - I have also re-saved the image in Word to a stand-alone image file, and copied it by opening it in an image editor, or simply CTRL-C on the image file itself, plus just dragging the file from a folder into scriv).

… when I come to paste it into Scriv it’s 50/50 whether the paste “works”. When it does work, happy days. When it doesn’t nothing appears at all - although sometimes there seems to be a “dot”, so it looks like it has potentially pasted something. If I try to do anything with that dot it disappears (like select it).

Eventually, I can usually get it to paste by trying various things (none of which seem to be a consistent answer, so I tend to troll through these methods every time):

Tried: CTRL-V, “paste” from a menu, dragging source file to editor, clear space and remake space in the editor, switch to different file and back, save the project, restart scriv

There seems no rhyme or reason as to when an image file will cause a problem or why - and what seemed to be a problem file one day, is not the next. Usually I’m not doing to much picture stuff in Scriv, but this project demands it and as a tool for this sort of thing Scriv rocks. But the inconsistent way this currently behaves is getting frustrating and wasting a lot of time…

Any thoughts folks?


I would very much like an answer on this issue as well. It’s very frustrating because sometimes the paste works perfectly, other times it fails. I am currently using Win10, but it happened plenty when I was using Win 7 Pro as well.
Thanks in advance.

I’ve found a fairly repeatable condition for this.
I use the program Balsamiq to create wireframes for software to be developed. Sometimes I copy/paste images of a mockup into documentation being written with Scrivener. (I should be using linked images for this, but that’s another topic.) Here are relevant quotes from a report that I recently posted for their evaluation:

The fact that they are doing something inconsistent is their problem. What’s relevant to this discussion is that the issue is fixed by converting a bad image to JPEG, thus removing the transparent background.

I’m not saying transparent background is always a problem with an image pasted into Scrivener, nor that PNG or some other format is consistently a problem. I’m saying this is one verified condition that causes a problem that seems to be described in this thread. And I hope that’s enough of a lead for devs here to do some testing.