Internal Backdrop Image Not Displaying In Full Screen

Internal project images will not display as backdrop in Full Screen mode even after being selected. Only external images chosen using the Choose… menu will show as the backdrop in Full Screen.

Steps to Reproduce:

Open any project.
Drag any image into project.
Go to View > Full Screen Backdrop
Select same image you added to project under the break below Choose…
Press F11.

The selected backdrop will not be present.

Scrivener Version:
Windows Version: 8.1 w/ Bing

I’m not able to reproduce this. Have you checked that the image loads properly in Scrivener’s editor or tried a different image? Also make sure that the paper width and height in Full Screen isn’t set to 100%, obscuring the backdrop image. (If you’re seeing other backdrops, presumably this isn’t the issue, but it’s the only other idea that sprang to mind.)

Oh, you know what, scratch that. This is an image bug that was briefly in the update released the other day, subsequently corrected in a hotfix. Download 1.8.6 from the website (clear your cache first if you downloaded it manually the other day) and install it over your current version when Scrivener is closed. That should fix this for you.

Thanks, Jennifer! That fixed it.