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Hello all - an absolute newbie so please excuse me if this has been canvassed before … I am mid-way through a PhD dissertion in theology and am excited to have discovered Scrivener as my thesis has become a ‘bird’s nest’ as it has grown … One thing that MS Word does very well when used with styles and footnotes is to insert internal cross-references. Thus I can insert a section number of the thesis document as a cross reference (eg. ‘as I suggested in s. 4.2.1 above …’) so that even if new sections are added later it will address the correct section. Alternatively I can add a page number of my own thesis as a cross reference (eg. see p. 103 …). The referencing in Scrivener doesn’t seem to allow anything like this - the closest I can find is to note a document name in the Inspector as an internal reference which at least gives me a start in finding the correct spot in the final compiled document. The ability to add an in-line internal reference either by page number (of the final compiled document) or section number would be invaluable.


This is available in recent updates of the Mac version of Scrivener, so will be coming to the Windows version. The way it works is using Scrivener links and placeholder tags. So, if you type “<$p>” into the text so that it is linked to another document, the <$p> will become the page number of the document it links to in the final, compiled draft. Using <$hn> instead of <$p> would give the hierarchical section number. I can’t say exactly when this will come to the Windows version, as there are a whole batch of features that Lee is working through, but it is coming.

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Thanks Keith
This will make a great product better!

Question about this feature: If I type the tag <$p> or <$hn> what exactly is the output after compiling the document? Does it replace the entire scrivener link with the title of link with the page number ONLY? Or the title of the scrivener link along with the page number? And is there a way to modify these options like you can in Word?