Internal ebook links

Thanks in advance for your help…

I’ve spent ages trying to work this out and I’m no closer to getting it working.

I want to have a word in a .mobi ebook which is linked to another part of the ebook. The word will be underlined like any other link, and clicking it will take you to the link destination.

I have tried Scrivener Links, links, and links with html (I can’t get any html to work at all), but no progress. I have spend over an hour searching the web, beside compiling and recompiling with different types of links. Is this possible with Scrivener?


To my knowledge this doesn’t work right yet because of a bug. If you create a Scrivener Link to another section in the book, it creates a hyperlink, but the link is all messed up. You get stuff like blah, which makes no sense. I suspect the ‘5’ is the Scrivener item ID for the item that was linked to, and that is where that value comes from. The rudiments are all there. It even generates proper links for the table of contents, it just isn’t indexing and addressing section names correctly.

Ok, thanks for that. This sucks a lot - going to have to try to do it in Open Office I guess.

I agree, it is an annoying bug because it means that unless you plan on fixing all of these by hand, you have to effectively no longer use Scrivener Links in the body of your work as it produces a broken result. I’ve submitted an elevated bug ticket for it in our system.

Another alternative is to use Sigil to edit the ePub after you compile, and just go through fixing the links in that program. That would probably be easier than compiling a word processor document to OpenOffice and then going to ePub from there.

I’ll have a look at that, thanks again.

I’m just getting to the compile stage in my first project, and encountering the same issue. I need internal links - from a phrase in the text to a chapter/heading. I would like to create internal links within Scrivener, then compile as epub and pdf, and have the links come through in both.

Possible? Not possible? Ever likely to be possible?

Not possible currently, I’m afraid; it is on our list but hasn’t been doable yet. It will likely be part of the overhaul of the text engine that is underway for the next major release, now that the framework Scrivener uses has also had some updates that will make a lot of what we need to do simpler. For now, Sigil is probably your best bet for ebook compile, and running through Word or Open Office to create internal links to save to PDF.

Ah well… I’ll certainly look forward to this for future projects. It’d be nice not to have to go through twice creating links for different formats… :confused:

What format should we use to export from Scrivener to Sigil?


Compile to .epub, then if you need to create a .mobi after editing in Sigil, you can use Amazon’s Kindle Previewer to open the revised .epub file; it will automatically create a .mobi copy using its built-in Kindlegen. (You can also use Kindlegen directly, but that’s command-line only, so Kindle Previewer is a nice alternative if you shy away from that, plus you’ll likely want to review the contents in KP anyway.)

Thanks Jennifer, just planning ahead.