Internal folders without national characters


I have had the same problem as other Spanish users: when trying to validate an ePub file compiled with the Spanish version of Scrivener, I get an error because the folder where the cover is is called “imágenes” (which is “images” in Spanish).

As soon as I got the error message from the Validator I realized what the problem was, and changed the interface to English.

It is true that you can change to English, but anyway, the bug is still there. Well, not really a bug, is it; but I (humbly) think that the Scrivener team should change the Spanish translation so that internal ePub folders do not contain national characters. Maybe other languages too.

What really worries me is that I found a thread with this problem which is already two years old, and the problem persists.

I love Scrivener, I really do, and I do not have a problem if I have to use it in English, but I know of other Spanish writers and Scrivener users who are not proficient in English and will sure have the same problem should they try to compile their books to ePub.

I hope this pledge reaches the wish list for a future version of Scrivener.

Happy writing!

The original thread in the forum: … 91#p227591