Internal linking of docs

I am a mixed media screenwriter and absolutely adore Scrivener. However, I’m having a bit of trouble with one of my screenplay projects and need to know if there was any way to internally link documents? Text bookmarks doesn’t seem robust enough and using comments/footnotes is a little basic causing more problems that it solves.

To be more specific, in the narrative I’m writing, multiple scenes repeat across multiple timelines. So I have multiple screenplay docs which I need to link into each other - if that makes sense.

The easiest solution would be to bookmark scenes in screenplay doc A and internally link them to screenplay docs X,Y,Z etc. where the same scene takes place in different chronological orders from different character’s perspective. I would then relink screenplay docs X,Y,Z back to screenplay A with a bookmark as well. In an ideal world, Scrivener would have a bookmark pane in the inspector so I’d have an overview of the bookmarks I created, helping me to organize my information so I could see where I needed to create more interlinked scenes.

I’ve read the boards and it seems that the most common recommendation is to break up the screenplays into smaller chunks and use inline annotations but that makes organizing the information much harder. I would have to duplicate multiple scenes across different folders and it would end up being terrible convoluted.

Is there any system within Scrivener you can think of to help me? From reading the boards it seems like you guys have some aversion to bookmarking and are gonna remove all bookmarking features in the near future. That’s a shame as Scrivener is my favorite word processing tool but as of now I’m stuck writing on a notepad to help me sift through all my storylines.