Internal Links both ways?

In Journler, when you have two entries, and you link entry A to entry B, you automatically have a link from entry B to entry A as well.

This is tremendously useful.

And I believe it would be useful in Scrivener, too. For example: You would see from which scenes a research fact is linked to - and you could identify material that is not yet used anywhere. The whole process of attributing background material, conceptional details etc. would become a lot more transparent.

Just a suggestion, of course.

I’m not really sure how this would work for Scrivener links - it wouldn’t be good for Scrivener to try to add links in the text itself. This is already possible via references, though (“back-links” should already be turned on by default in the Navigation preferences).

It [size=150]works[/size] already!

This was what I meant. Not links in the text, but in the references. Great. I just had that option clicked off for some unknown reason …

Ah, great!