Internal Links: can i render id/counter/page number (for CYOA)


the Internal Link feature is perfect to organize my CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure story)
but i would really need to render the linked document id/counter/page number

say that each chapter has an ID (automatic counter would be the best solution)

then at the end of a chapter i add: "if you open the door, GO TO CHAPTER 98… and this is a Link to that Document, that has ID/count 98, and i want it to be rendered automatically here.

is it possible without hacking/parsing the Scrivener files from outside?

thank you!

PS: is Scapple coudl help in organizing/viewing the links… it would be a killer feature :slight_smile:

There is a form of linking that can be applied to placeholder tags. For example you could have a custom metadata field called “DocumentID”, and then in another file, type in <$custom:DocumentID>, linking the placeholder to the item you wish to print the value from.

Of course that’s not automatic however. There are a few placeholders the “Document Variables” section of the placeholder list (Help/List of All Placeholders…) that might suit you. It depends on how you have things set up, but you could maybe even use the <$linkID> placeholder for this. Ordinarily you would use that more technically, like as part of the HTML of an eBook, but there is no problem having it print a number the reader can see. All it does is print a number.

And of course, if the chapters themselves are numbered when you compile, then you could simply link directly to them by name (something you’ve probably already done from the sounds of it), and optionally set the Links use title prefixes only setting if headings include the binder title as well, in the Document Title Links compile format pane.