Internal links combined with footnotes problems


1.It seems Internal links (Scrivener links) do not work if combined with footnotes - clicking on them does not redirect to anchor text chunk. Is that bug or :confused: ?

  1. If an internal link is combined with a footnote after footnote deleting the link stays underlined, but not hyperactive. Is that bug or :confused: ?


Inspector footnotes and comments do not support Scrivener links. Inline notation does, but there is a bug when compiling to RTF, DOC and DOCX that splits the footnote around a hyperlink and strips the link, which affects internal links as well as external.

I’m not clear what you’re describing in the second point. Does the above answer the question?

Suppose, some misunderstanding here, so let me clarify my questions.

Question 1. I have a word in the text, hyperlinked with Scrivener link (internal link), the link works. Then I select the word and add a footnote to it, the link stops working. That is just it.

Question 2. I have a word in the text, hyperlinked with Scrivener link (internal link), the link works. Then I select the word and add a footnote to it, the link stops working. Then I delete the footnote, the link still in blue and underlined, but still not working.

Hope it helps to clarify the issue.


Ah, yes, I had misunderstood when I saw this, but I’ve since replied to your other post on the issue: The first isn’t a bug, the second is.

Got it, thanks.

Just as a feature request: it would be much more convenient either to block the opportunity to add comments/footnotes to hyperlinked words at all or to stripe out word hyperlink formatting (blue, underlined) after comments/footnotes adding to the word. This configuration will not induce bugs like (deleting the comment after applying it to linked text leaves the link formatting) and other misunderstandings with not commenting linked words then.

The link formatting remains when you apply a comment or footnote because the text is now linked to the inspector note; that is, it’s applying a link itself. You’ll see the link formatting on all text linked to an inspector comment or footnote, though normally of course if you delete the note the formatting will also be cleared.

Did not get it - when I add a comment or footnote to a regular text (without Scrivener internal link) it stays regular (not in blue and underlined) - a yellow or grey box just appears, so no mess here. If the text has been hyperlinked previously, adding a comment or footnote ends up with hyperlink formatting (in blue and underlined) and a box. And the Scrivener internal link (although it is in blue and underlined) does not work in Scrivener for footnotes and after the doc compiling for comments - here is a mess. That is why I supposed to eliminate it somehow.

Sorry, I was mistaken. The commented text should have the link formatting, but that’s not displaying on Windows at the moment, only Mac. At any rate, we’re agreeing on the main point–the link formatting should not be there once the comment is removed or when compiled, if the hyperlink is non-existent. I apologise for the other confusion.

Sounds good! Thanks. Hope it helps.