internal links for kindle

Hello, I am compiling a “choose your own adventure” book into kindle (mobi) format. I tried using scrivener links but they are getting stripped out during the compile. I heard that kindle will recognize html tags, for example, using as a bookmark and then linking to it. But when I try to put html into Scrivener it compiles into literal text. I am starting to get worried because I HAVE to be able to use these internal links to make the book work. Ideas? Thanks!

Internal linking like this isn’t currently possible in ebook formats directly from Scrivener, so you’ll need to use a tool like the free Sigil to add them after compiling. For this you’ll want to compile to epub from Scrivener so you can edit the file, then use Amazon’s Kindle Previewer to convert to the mobi format. (Previewer has KindleGen built-in but gives you a simple interface–just open the epub file in Previewer to have a copy created to mobi; you could also just use KindleGen directly if you’re comfortable with the command line.)

When you compile, you can use page (section) breaks to separate the documents, which will make each a separate XHTML file in the epub. You’ll be able to easily link to these in Sigil without needing to add extra anchors or so forth to identify the parts.

Thank you, Jennifer. I hope they add this feature so we can avoid this trouble in the future!

Yes, it’s on the list. :slight_smile: