Internal links to navigate longer documents

I’m used to navigating by jump links – many writing applications and some notes apps allow you to set bookmarks as locations to navigate to, but I’m aware that Scrivener uses ‘bookmarks’ in a different, cross-document context.

So let’s stay with internal links. I would really value a quick way to navigate longer documents. I typically work with one writing doc and a reference doc, and both can be quite long. I write a weekly contribution to a strict word count, needing tok keep an eye on the length as the writing process goes on, so lots of separate documents would be unhelpful.

Perhaps I’m missing something here. How do others navigate complex documents?

Are there any plans to introduce a way of marking a heading or a para, and navigating to it from a link or TOC?

Yes, I could use this, too.

The “Scrivener-like” answer to this question is that this is what the Binder is for. One of Scrivener’s core ideas is that you should break whatever you’re writing into manageable “chunks.” That might be scenes for a novelist, or sub-sub-sections for a non-fiction writer, but there’s no minimum size and no requirement that they correspond to the hierarchical structure that the reader will ultimately see. Generally speaking, if a document is large enough to need internal navigation links, it’s large enough to benefit from being split into smaller pieces.

Scrivener can easily track total words for an assembly of smaller documents.