Internal Scrivener Links no longer work

I have several character names, team names, and fact lists set up in the “Project Notes (General)” pane on the lower right. I used the Right Click to add a Scrivener Link to docs in the Binder. Some are in Research, some in Characters (this is the Scrivener Novel Template).

After one of the last upgrades (I’m using Scrivener 2.7.1 on Mac with 10.11.1), clicking on any of the linked items produces 2 identical error messages. Example:
There is no application set to open the URL scrivlnk://B63EE812-246D-4E05-A8B8-C4E502F3DF72.
Search the App Store for an application that can open this document, or choose an existing application on your computer."

I have deleted the links and reset them for a couple of the items. The links work as long as the app is open, but if I Quit Scrivener and then launch again, the links are broken.
ScrivLink Problem.jpg
BTW, links to external documents launch the appropriate application.

Didn’t see anything about this is the Bugs posts or Tech Support.

Anyone else seen this?

Is the project being modified by other software, such as Dropbox? It sounds like the sort of problem where something else is reverting or changing pieces of the project without Scrivener’s knowledge and thus causing it to have an inaccurate view of what is on the disk.

AmberV: Just did a check since I do use Dropbox for dragging in backups of the file from the Finder after I close it. The file on the Mac is the live one, so not using one from Dropbox.

After doing a Save As with new file name and resetting the Links, I saved the file, closed it, checked the modified date on the file in the Finder to make sure it’s the current one, then relaunched. All the Scrivener Links I had fixed were broken again. I also tried creating all new links instead of just resetting them on the same linked word, but they broke too.

Okay, my guess is that it is a problem with the software rather than any issues with the project itself. The nature of the error is such that it isn’t an internal error, such as you might see if you make a link to a document and then fully delete that document from the project. In that case you would get a message from Scrivener about the file not being found. In this case you are getting a message from Finder about it not knowing how to handle a link type that Scrivener itself should be handling.

That says to me it’s more likely an issue with Scrivener communicating to Finder that it is the program that is responsible for handling how “scrivlnk” type hyperlinks work. Given that, I would try a re-install of the software. Simply delete the copy of Scrivener in your Applications folder, empty the trash, and then reboot, before using the Mac App Store to reinstall. I would take that extra step of rebooting since the problem seems to be one of getting the Mac to recognise the software properly.