International Customers - iTunes Store

Congratulations on now providing an IOS version of Scrivener! I have been using a Scrivener for 2 years now and have a Windows and Mac license. I was so excited to hear about this good news that I went and purchased my first iPad so I could use Scrivener on the go. I am an American ex-pat living in Thailand and was saddened to learn that I could not purchase the IOS version because I must buy through the Thailand iTunes store.

Could you please make Scrivener available to all international customers so we who are living abroad can purchase this exciting new addition to the Scrivener family?


We are a very small company, and don’t have the accountancy resources to administer local taxes in every country internationally, so I’m afraid we can only offer Scrivener through the App Store in those countries where Apple handle the local tax issues. Unfortunately they don’t do that in Thailand (amongst other countries), so we are currently unable to offer Scrivener through the Thai App Store. Sorry.

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Hopefully, with some of the cash-flow from iOS scrivener, you could expand your company, so that incidences like this won’t happen.

It will be some time before we break even on the iOS version. I doubt it is every going to pay for accountants across the world (have you ever checked how much accountants cost?)…

Haidee - thanks for the kind words! We find it equally frustrating that we are unable to sell Scrivener into all territories. It’s strange that Apple is so limited in the countries for which it handles sales tax. eSellerate, which runs the store on our website, is a much smaller company but handles sales tax everywhere. We are therefore able to sell into far more countries via our own site than we are through Apple, but of course, it’s not possible to sell our iOS version anywhere else but through Apple.

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I have had the Windows version for some time, and have been using it successfully. However, my PC recently crashed, and I’m currently only able to use my iPad. My region doesn’t allow me to purchase the iOS app from the App Store right now, so I’m trying to find a work around. Do you think it’s possible to have a friend sign into my iCloud account and purchase from the states (using their card)? Would it then be possible for me to use a VPN and download the app while in my country?

Thanks for your feedback.