internet scrivener

I want to suggest that Scrivener have an internet capacity so it can be used from any computer.

Why not sign up for a service that provides this sort of thing and then put your Scrivener project on it? Dropbox works good; read up about it in chapter 12 of the user manual.

I agree. Or put your Scriv project on a flashdrive and run it off of that. Then you could use Scriv whenever you had a computer with Scriv, not just with an internet program.

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Could you actually put the program files on dropbox and run it from there and save even carrying a flash drive?

The Scrivener license allows installation on up to five computers. So the best procedure is to install Scrivener and Dropbox at home and work. Backup To…Dropbox in ZIP format, and drag down from Dropbox at the other end. I would not install program files on Dropbox. It’s just a storage service, not set up to run programs like a personal computer.

I think the OP was asking for a Scrivener webapp. I don’t know if that’s feasible. I imagine there would be a lot of work involved in setting it up and cost in running the servers.

Perhaps a second-best would be a portable app version of Scrivener, but I imagine that’s already been addressed in prior threads. I do use Dropbox myself, but that doesn’t help you if you have to use a computer that doesn’t have Scrivener installed.

I know there are no plans atm for iOS or Android versions. Mac users at least have the SimpleNote sync option. We Windows/Linux users will have to wait a while for that. :frowning:

Editing Scrivener documents directly from the Dropbox folder is a really bad idea. I corrupted an entire Scrivener project, to the point where it couldn’t be recovered or fixed, by doing that. Live and learn. Now I only do zip backups to Dropbox.

Actually, a number of us edit directly from our dropbox folders with no problems. We follow the guidelines in the user manual, chapter 13, section 6 to the letter. If you also do regular backups (before and/or after you make any changes), you’re protected from the worst snafus.