Interoperability on different computers

The biggest, biggest wish I could have would be the ability to use Scrivener on different computers and have it interoperable, perhaps through iCloud.

I use one computer for work and the other for play; if I happen to be using my ‘play’ computer and want to check something in Scrivener, I have to open the work computer and look it up there.

In fact, even if I wanted to use Scrivener on the ‘play’ computer as a kind of dumb version, it won’t let me; if I open Scrivener *even when it’s closed on the ‘work’ computer’, I get scary warnings.

Just close the project before transferring it to the other computer, or opening it if you store the project on Dropbox. There is no “magic bullet” that will ever make a project just magically appear wherever you are until we all have an internet that can transfer any amount of data instantaneously and we all have machines that are on all the time and always speaking to each other with no outages or transfer delays. iCloud won’t change any of that - the “it just works mantra” will be just as dependent on internet connections and file transfers as ever, because there is no getting around that until technology itself advances further.

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I got a couple of bad frights when I opened projects on my non-work computer when my work computer was actually shut off - and got scary warnings.

As I said, you must make sure that you close the project before transferring it. If you copy a project while it is still open, when you open it somewhere else it will think it is still open somewhere else, because the “it’s open” data is saved in the project itself.

The thing that’s easy to do, even if you have closed the project, is to fail to give DropBox sufficient time to transfer the file package before you shut down your computer (if you’re using DropBox).

It’s easy enough to fail to see that the little green tick on the DropBox icon is still flashing, especially if you’re in a hurry. I have a reasonably quick broadband connection, but even then it can take five or ten seconds to upload a sizeable project — more of course if I have just closed and saved more than one.