Intra-Page Navigation in Research

Hi guys,

Unless there’s something I’m missing (which is always possible), I’ve just realized a slight problem that I’d like to put in a request to see handled differently. If I go to a Wikipedia page in Safari, I can then drag the link to that page to my Research folder. This page will contain a table of contents (a series of links) used for navigating to different headers within the page. But when I click on one of those ToC links, I am redirected right back into Safari, where the appropriate part of the page then loads. Thus — why did I bother putting it in my Research folder, if every time I go to navigate the page, I get dumped right back into Safari again?

My solution would be that when a page is dropped onto the Research folder, Scrivener should parse through its HTML (or other markup) and find all the links that refer to just that page, and if they are absolute links (hard links) that refer back to that page, it should replace them with soft links to only parts of that page. Ideally, Scrivener would natively understand all the wiki styles — Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote — plus any other common markup types.

Now the question is, is there a way to do this already that I just don’t know about? Or is this a good idea for a new feature?

—Andy H.

Hi Andy,

Scrivener isn’t really intended for navigating inside web pages, as even navigating within a single website suddenly requires a lot of extra browser functionality - back and forward buttons, refresh buttons, the ability to view video links and so on. The web page import feature is intended only for importing single pages that are useful for research, not as a way of having a browser within your Scrivener window. That said, you might sort of be able to get around it by dragging links from the page to Scrivener’s editor header bar. I haven’t tried it, but seeing as you can drag URLs to the header bar, it might work.

All the best,