Intradocument links after compiling?

Hello everyone, I just started using Scrivener and I love it already. I’m a grad student in engineering and one of the best ways that I’ve found to learn (for me, that is) is to take material from a variety of sources, smoosh it all together, and re-write it in my own words in my own little knowledge book. Scrivener has been really great for this so far, but I was wondering if I could do something like this:

After compiling, I want to have links on certain keywords that will go back to the primary section that describes them. In other words, “In this band model, the band bending observed can be attributed to dipole formation from electron transfer.” The link I will define to go a specific chapter “Band Bending in Semiconductors.” I know I can do Scrivener links before compiling, but that doesn’t seem to burn the links into the compiled form. Is there any way to do this?