Intsalling on Mac with latest OS

I bought Scrivener about 6 years ago and want to go back to using it. I tried downloading it from the website tonight but it says "Scrivener can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the App store and identified developers’.
Downloading from the App store will cost me though!
Thanks in advance of any advice on this.

Go to the Security settings in System settings on your Mac and change the setting to allow other than App store apps

Do you have a virus checker/barrier running. Literature & Latte is a registered developer so you shouldn’t be getting that message if you have your system set to allow recognised developers. Virus barriers can often be over enthusiastic and produce false negatives like that.


Regardless of virus software, another option is to ctrl-click on the Scrivener app icon and select “open.” That will save it as an exception to whatever your security parameters are set to. The Mac will ask you if you really, really want to open this app—just tell it “yes.”

Thanks all - I will try these suggestions.