Invalid Binder FOrmat (Dropbox sync) - conflict between iPadOS and WIn 3.0 Scrivener?

All but one of my projects gives invalid format, including the basic tutorial. I was looking at the guide here ( for the dropbox syncing, but I don’t have access to my PC (I’m traveling/flying). Is there anything I can do to fix things? I’m dead in the water right now, much to my frustration.

(Secondary question: Since my syncing needs between Windows / iPadOS is infrequent - about once a week, would it be better to just use iPadOS books with Dropbox, and then manually copy over iPad work to my Windows dropbox area? )

Following this thread, because I am having the same issue.

Was working originally on iOS, and bought & downloaded Scrivener on PC. Everything is synced to Dropbox, but I can’t open any of my projects on PC.

Please send help.

Did you install the Dropbox app on the PC?
Are you using a Win version that can read the newer project format, used by the iOS version?

To expand on this, if I remember correctly, Scrivener for iOS will handle both v2 and v3 Scrivener projects. v2 is created by Scrivener 2.x for Mac and Scrivener 1.x for Windows; v3 projects are created by Scrivener 3.x for Mac and the Windows Scrivener beta (currently 2.9.x). If you create the project on your Scrivener for Windows 1.9.x installation, it will be in v2 format and iOS Scrivener will recognize that and use it that way. If you create the project on a Mac running 3.x or using the Windows beta, it should be a v3 project and iOS Scrivener will recognize that as well.

However, if you create it on iOS natively, I believe it creates it in v3 format. So double-check which version of Scrivener you have on Windows – AND, as Lunk said, make sure you have the Dropbox client downloaded, running, and signed in with the same account on Windows as well. You should then be able to navigate to the appropriate folder under your Dropbox folder and open the project.

If you have both versions of Scrivener installed on Windows, you may have the wrong one (the older one) set to open Scrivener projects, and it will error out because it knows nothing about v3 projects. For that, try launching Scrivener 3 beta and opening a new project, and navigating to the Dropbox folder. If that’s the problem, you should be able to open your project using this workaround.

Sorry for the late followup – I think the Dropbox app is the issue. I typically only use Dropbox via web and OneDrive for my integrated app. However, I know that OneDrive is a non-starter for Scrivener compatibility between IOS and Windows.

I will switch over now and go down that path. Not very keen on paying for two online storage services, but it is what it is. :frowning: (Their standard 2Gb isn’t enough for my stuff)

Do you need to have all your stuff synced with your iPad, or is your only project bigger than 2 Gb? It also used to be possible to get a bit more if you did certain things, listed on their web site.