Invalid Binder Issue

Recently, every time I create a new project in PC Scrivener, do the Dropbox sync, and try to open it on my IOS scrivener, I get the “project does not have a valid binder structure.” I had this with the first version of scrivener, but everything has been working seamlessly up until about a month ago. Any help would be extremely appreciated!

Mike Nelson

It sounds as if you somehow are running a too old version of Win Scrivener again…

No, it’s I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both on workstation and on Ipad. Still having the issue.

If you have the latest version and are only Saving the project from Win Scrivener and allow Dropbox to upload all changes to the server, everything should work.

Yeah, still not working…the only way I can get it to work is to create a new project in IOS, then copy and paste everything from Win Scrivener…and now I have a working project. Not sure why the upload from windows doesn’t work. I’ve tried it with empty blank new projects from win scrivener and IOS scrivener won’t open.

Are you saving the new Windows Scrivener project to the appropriate area in DropBox, closing Scriv, letting Dropbox fully sync to the cloud and to your iOS device, and then opening in iOS Scrivener? Or are you using the “External Sync” functionality in Windows Scrivener?

The former is the right method. The second is for interfacing individual documents with RTF single-document editors. However, there is sometimes confusion about which method to use.

Assuming the former, have you tried with multiple templates? Is there something messed up with the template you’re using?