Invalid Content

I have created a page. When I go to the WordPress Editor, instead of text paragraphs there is a box that says, “This block contains unexpected or invalid content.” What does that mean and how can this situation be resolved?

Peter Giardina

I know little about this so may not be as helpful as some. But these thoughts may help.

I found a blog page that may be useful if it tells you anything new: Scrivener to WordPress, Fast – Tech Tools for Writers

MORE INFO: For those who directly know this process, consider including some details, such as: What your text was originally written in, any tools you used for your edits, whether you used direct HTML, in what format was it saved if there was any intermediate storage, and whether you used any automated grammar/spelling tools that could have also modified (possibly inserting hidden text).

I’d also ponder pasting into a plain text editor to see whether any oddities show up.

Now, I’ll follow this so I can learn.