Invalid Kindlegen

I have used Kindlegen with Scrivener successfully in the past. Now, when I attempt to compile my novel for Kindle, everything goes well until Kindlegen is called and then I get an error stating:

Invalid KindleGen file.
The file at "/Users/tbrown/Software/KindleGen_Mac_i386_v2_9/kindlegen does not seem to be a valid KindleGen file. Please try re-downloading and re-installing KindleGen.

I tried re-downloading (I note that the version on Amazon is identical to what I already had). Same error message. I can run this version of kindlegen from Terminal and it runs properly (gives a help message).

I have recently updated to El Capitan and I know I haven’t run Kindle compile since, but it used to work properly.

I can compile the same manuscript successfully in other formats. I can also convert the compiled .epub version using Calibre and get a good .mobi file.

Any ideas as to what is going on with KindleGen?


To the person who replied by private message:

I did originally get the quarantine error message after reloading kindlegen. I fixed it and still get the same error as documented in the post.

I tried replying to the private message, but the system says the recipient has disabled private messages.



With another suggestion from a fellow user, I now have this working again.

I had put Kindlegen in a subdirectory of my home directory. This worked in the past, but a few days ago was probably the first time I had run it since updating to El Capitan.

Turns out, if I move the Kindlegen directory to /Applications it works again!

I don’t really know why this would have changed. However, I wonder if it has something to do with the SIP (System Integrity Protection or rootless) that was added with El Capitan.

Maybe someone would like to figure this out. For me, making it work is enough.



Thanks for posting the solution! We’ve already run across a few other people that experienced it, and this has helped.

Thank you so much! I had the same problem and I moved the Kindlegen folder into the Applications folder and it’s working again for me!