Invalid Serial Number (despite typing name/# EXACTLY)

I just did the free update to 2.1 from 2.0, and when plugging in the serial name serial number (EXACTLY how they appeared in my receipt) I’m told one or both are invalid. Is this a problem folks are having with this update? I e-mailed sales — but if anyone has any solutions, please let me know. I don’t like feeling like I’m using a trial version after I’ve already paid for this.

You are not the only one who are experiencing this problem.

Please see this thread [url]]

It’s been a busy few weeks for the staff at Literature & Latte. I’m sure DJ will get to your email as soon as possible. L&L are usually quick in responding.

I upgraded earlier and I didn’t have to insert my serial number – my registration passed over automatically.

If your 2.0 was already registered, why not try downloading again?

Thanks! Good to know that it’s known…

Are you trying to authenticate a 1.x version with a 2.0 number or vice versa? Check the icons. If it is a tall rectangular yin-yang with a double-quote and you are pasting a serial number that contains “001” in the first group: you need to download the upgrade. If your icon has a silver ‘S’ in it and you serial number has a “000”, then you either need to purchase a 2.0 licence, or download 1.54 from the support page.

I had the same problem, and while using the right arrow key to move through the serial code looking for white spaces I might have accidentally copied across, I found an extra copy of the serial code hidden in the box. (I must have hit paste twice at one point in my enthusiasm to get 2.0 up and running :wink:) This appeared as I got to the end of the visible serial code and hit the right arrow key a final time. Deleting everything and starting again solved the problem.

Does that make sense? It’s kind of hard to describe! :slight_smile:


Yeah, that makes sense. :slight_smile: I’ve done that myself from time to time.

:slight_smile: I was a little terrified I’d made a mistake upgrading in the middle of NaNo, but I just couldn’t wait any longer!