Invalid serial number or name (on second mac)

Hi there.

I’m getting an “Invalid serial number or name.” error when trying to install on my laptop (mac)… It installed just fine on my desktop. Is there a reason I wouldn’t be able to install on a second computer? I am using the name / serial from the confirmation email I got at purchase, which worked fine on my desktop.



No, this should work. Some things to check:

• Is the serial number you are entering definitely for 2.x and not 1.x?

• Is the system date working fine on your second Mac?

• Have you tried quitting and restarting Scrivener and then copying and pasting the serial number in again?

All the best,

Thank you.

I wiped everything Scrivener related from my computer, restarted, reinstalled, and it’s working :slight_smile:

Great, glad it’s working!