"Invalid serial number or name"


Two weeks ago I purchased scrivener for mac with an education license, as my free trial had expired. I copied the serial number name and serial number across from the order confirmation email to the register box, but the software thinks the serial number is invalid. It gives me the following message

‘Invalid serial number or name.
Please check the serial number and name you entered match the ones in your order confirmation email’.

I wrote two the sales support team about this issue two weeks ago but am yet to receive a reply. I have also asked for help over twitter but again no reply.

I’m not massively IT literate, but I believe that the numbers I am copying across from my email are the correct ones.

I would really appreciate some prompt support as I currently feel a bit disappointed to have purchased a piece of software I cannot use!

Thank you.

Our support system shows that we’ve responded to your email. Twice, in fact. Please check your junk mail folder to make sure we’re getting through.

(I don’t want to just re-post the message here because it includes your private order information.)


Hi Katherine,

Thanks for the reply

I am afraid I can’t see anything in my junk folder and as far as I know there are no issues with either of my email accounts. Could you try to resend one more time? Use the email address info @ vanessabartlett.com which I know is working fine at the moment.


Please check and make sure the tenderapp.com domain is whitelisted by your mail system.

I will resend the message and send you a forum PM as well.