Invalid serial number


I tried registering onto Scrivener but it won’t let me in, saying that it has an ‘invalid serial number or name.’

I tried copying and pasting both as perfectly as possible but to no avail.

Please tell me what else I can do so this does not feel like wasted money…

Please confirm that you’re copied the serial number exactly as it appears in your confirmation, including all dashes and with no leading or trailing spaces.

If that doesn’t help, please open a support ticket, including a screenshot of the exact error message including the registration window. Use the email associated with your purchase, as we’ll need that to check our database.


I tried spacing it and pasting it correctly but nothing. It still says invalid.

Plus I was unable to screenshot my predicament on the support ticket.

This just happened to me as well. I have copy and pasted the serial number provided and used my email address as the ‘name’, as well as every other email address I might have possibly registered with. The error message says that the ‘name’ and serial number do not match.

I just purcahsed Scrivener and I have this exact same problem. Every combination of name, surname, email id , caps lock or small cases, isn’t working. I get a non-specific error of “Please check that the serial number and name you have entered match the ones in your order confirmation e-mail.”
I’ve sent sales and email. Waiting eagerly.

You’ve (L&L) screwed something up. Opened my file, opened fine - popup saying ‘Update!’. Updated, then said I had an ‘Invalid Serial Number’, then said ‘Serial Number Accepted - next time you change machines, please deactivate first’ (I haven’t changed machines at all) and now NOTHING WILL OPEN!!! Not responding!! I had work to do,… and now can’t do anything… even downloaded older version, and it still won’t open. What did you do???