"Invalid serial #"

I’m seeing a large number of these errors in the support queue, and they seem to come from two different places.

Either someone has been using the Scrivener 2.8.1 trial version for some time, and decided to buy a license since Monday. The store sells them a Scrivener 3 license, which won’t work.

Or, alternatively, they download a copy of the latest version (Scrivener 3) to a new computer or for some other reason, and attempt to register it with an existing Scrivener 2 license key. That also won’t work.

Scrivener 3 license keys begin with ‘SCRIV3MAC’ and will work with either Scrivener 3 or Scrivener 2.9, but no earlier version of Scrivener 2.

Scrivener 2 license keys begin with ‘SCRVNR001’ and will work with all Scrivener 2.x versions, but not with Scrivener 3.

If you have the wrong version for your license, you can find the correct version here:
literatureandlatte.com/scriv … s?os=macOS


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