Invisible Binder, no permissions

Scrivener has completely bailed on me today. I last saved new work yesterday, but it is showing no modifications to the project since July 1. I cannot open the project in the Scrivener folder because “you don’t have permission to open this file.” Nothing has changed on my computer since I last opened the software. I had two projects open yesterday – one of them is backed up, the other is not showing any new backups since July 1. I am able to open the unopenable project through Dropbox (dropbox shows the last modification being yesterday) however when it opens, the only thing that shows up is the Binder. Chapter titles, notes, ect are showing as existing in the Binder, but when I click on individual chapters and notes there is nothing there. It shows word count as zero. I have logged off and on, uninstalled and reinstalled both Dropbox and Scrivener…nothing.

This is very distressing. I have previously used Google Drive as a third back up option along with Scrivener and Dropbox, but due to issues pasting from Drive into Scrivener, yesterday I deleted the Drive copies. I now have no novel.

Please tell me there is something I can do. I searched the forum briefly before posting but I didn’t see anything similar. I apologize in advance if this is something common.

Before anything else, make a copy of your project folder and save it somewhere else or right-click and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder” to make a zipped backup of the folder. Then drill down into the folder into Files\Docs–are there a number of RTF files there? It sounds like these aren’t being loaded correctly when you access the project via Dropbox, although I’m not entirely clear what you mean by opening from Dropbox–is this a separate copy of your project you’ve saved in the Dropbox folder? How are you attempting to load the project otherwise, in the case where you’re getting the permissions error?

On the copy that is giving you the error message, try right-clicking the folder and choosing Properties, then in Attributes section at the bottom of the General tab, deselecting “Read-only”. Apply the change to the entire folder and try opening the project again.