Invisible Bookmarking

I see there have been requests for various kinds of bookmarks using text or colour as the markers.

I may have missed some mention here in the forums, or even have missed an existing feature of the software, but what I’m looking for is something like the way invisible bookmarks work in Emacs. I haven’t used Emacs for a while, but I seem to remember it went something like this:

  1. the cursor is somewhere in the text at your current editing position.

  2. You need to look up a reference in the same stretch of text, and use the find facility.

  3. Your “find” alights the cursor on a new text position and you do your stuff there, whatever it might be, and then…

  4. hit a key combo which takes you right back to your original position.

As I recall, Emacs actually puts cursor positions on a stack, so that repeated application of the key combo will return you to successive automatically remembered locations. There’s also a facility, I think, for creating these silent bookmarks manually (with another key combo).

Any takers for this idea?