Invisible cursor in fullscreen mode

  1. Open up a document in full screen mode and set the text-cursor somewhere.
  2. Press Alt+Tab to navigate to another window (e.g. web browser, explorer, desktop).
  3. Go back to the Scrivener full screen window using Alt-Tab.
  4. Now your in-text cursor is invisible! (At least that’s what happens for me.)

Clicking somewhere in the text will fix this, but I find it a bit annoying as it makes it harder to find where I was writing.

Note: This will not happen if Scrivener is reopened by pressing it in the tray.
Note2: I have not changed the page colour so that should not be a problem.

I see that too. Typing in fullscreen, ALT+Tab to Google something, and when I ALT+Tab back the cursor is invisible.

And I seem to be experiencing another issue where alt+tabbing back to fullscreen and resuming typing has the cursor was jumping to seemingly random locations on the screen. I tested a bit more and that seems to be that it’s jumping to the position the cursor is in the document when I entered full screen.

Also, can’t hit escape to leave full screen when the cursor is invisible, have to click in the document first.

Thanks, guys. There’s a bug with returning to Full Screen via Alt+Tab that is putting the focus into the regular editor instead of the Full Screen editor, which is why the insertion point isn’t visible and text gets added to the wrong location (it’s being added to the location the insertion point was left in the regular editor before entering FS, as the cursor position hasn’t updated yet). The workaround for now is just to click into the FS editor to restore its focus before typing.

You might already know this but if you enter FS, write some text (without moving the cursor with a mouse-click or the arrow keys) the cursor position is updated. Re-entering using Alt-Tab will still make the cursor invisible, but if you continue writing the text will appear in the right place (i.e. where you last wrote).

Thus it appears that the villain of the piece is navigation using the mouse and arrow keys.