Invisible "down arrow" carets in Binder in Ocean theme + How to change default font in Notes text box?

The carets (down arrows) that indicate that a Binder item has sub-items is almost invisible in the Ocean theme (nice theme, BTW). If the color is white, it’s impossibly thin and impossible to see.

Second question: Is there a way to change the default font in the Notes field in the Inspector? On some screens the size needs to be boosted, and the font itself isn’t to everyone’s liking, especially if all the other fonts on the screen are sans serif and less “muddy” looking.



No fix to propose for the arrow icons in the Ocean theme, but I have a sense of where the problem lives. If we save the theme to a file, we create one with extension .scrtheme . It’s a zip file that can be opened with 7Zip, so that the files within can be edited. Among them is a file with extension .QSS and it shows location information for the icons in question:

QTreeView::branch:closed:has-children:has-siblings {
border-image: none;
image: url(:Resources/DarkMode/icon_branch_closed.svg);

QTreeView::branch:open:has-children:has-siblings {
border-image: none;
image: url(:Resources/DarkMode/icon_branch_open.svg);

So these icons are SVG graphics on a path of some sort: Resources/DarkMode/. This is not an discernible Windows file path; but one internal to Scrivener. Changing the path to obvious candidates like “LightMode”, “Default”, or “DefaultMode” blanks out the icons entirely. Other themes I’ve looked into use the same DarkMode path. So I wonder if there’s a way to bake more visible .svg icons into the .scrtheme file itself, and whether there are other .svg candidates within the Resources path. Perhaps the team can tell us more. :slight_smile:

Second question is easier. Find the Notes Font selector under File > Options > Editing > Formatting

Rgds - Jerome

I’d gone looking for a darkish theme which would actually show the Binder folder arrows, as Jennifer pointed out were invisible causing my recent mis-targetted report.

I found this thread and JJSlote’s nice examination results, which are programming-wise rather clear.

I also found in trying most of the Themes that light or dark, the arrows are set to be quite low contrast – it’s just worse on the dark ones.

I have a powerful laptop, but it has an ordinary TFT screen, rather than an IPS one, which means it has quite low contrast to begin with . It’s well known that Mac screens where the Themes are much better than all but the best Windows laptops screens, even if they are IPS or advancing latest ones.

I would propose that the arrows are as important as the folder titles they belong to, and should present in the same color and at the same contrast or transparency level as those titles.

I know it became a style to soften a lot of contrast for a recent period, but this just doesn’t work, on ordinary screens which many writers will have, or especially for a tool where small details count, as Scrivener is.

Older or other glasses-wearing eyes will have further problems, so it would be very nice if the few SVGs acttually involved could be upgraded at least by Scrivener 3 release.

And yes, I eye laptops with nicer screens, but this is not a time to be forking out for such, is it…!

Thanks to those involved, and hoping getting ahead of this also saves you from support burden,