Invisible icon in Dock

I upgraded to Snow Leopard. The icon for Scrivener was present, but now it is invisible. That is, it is still there in the dock, I can click on it - but there is no graphic; it is completely transparent. Srivener version is 1.53. I am on a MacBook 17".

The icon would appear/disappear at first when I minimized a Scrivener window, but now it invisible all the time.

Ron Wodaski

Did you try creating a new icon?
Drag the 1.5.3 app icon to the Dock.
Then drag the old, transparent icon away.

That particular procedure didn’t do it, but this did:

  • Remove the existing icon (Option/Remove from Dock)
  • Run Scrivener
  • Drag icon to a new position in Dock (effectively, same as Keep in Dock, I assume)

Interestingly, this fixed the problem with all other invisible icons.

This little bit of Mac arcana will get filed away for future reference. I only came to the Mac a few years ago, and since mostly everything just works, I don’t know little tricks like this. Thanks.

I’m running Leopard and cannot get Scrivener to stay in my dock, either. (No sign of "invisible icons.) Every time I put it in the dock, it goes away 2-3 seconds later.

I’m afraid you seem to have run into an obscure Snow Leopard bug:

Have you upgraded to 10.6.1?

All the best,

But I’m not running Snow Leopard. I’m running the latest version of Leopard, 10.5.8

Oops, sorry, you did say that. When it disappears from the Dock, does Scrivener still run? Or is Scrivener crashing at this point?

Scrivener appears in the doc when it’s running, and based on brief use does not crash. The problem is keeping the icon in the dock when Scrivener is not running.


PS: In case it’s relevant, I noticed after upgrading that I couldn’t empty the outdated 1.5.2 from the trash for awhile - said something like mbi.scrivener… is still in use. Eventually it emptied though…

Sorry to ask the obvious, but have you dragged Scrivener into the Dock from your Applications directory when it’s not running?

No need to be sorry, Keith!
Yes, I dragged the Scrivener application into the dock from my applications folder. When that didn’t work I opened Scrivener and selected “keep in dock” from the dock icon contextual menu. However the icon disappeared from the dock when I closed the app. BTW I previously had the 1.5.2 icon in the dock without difficulty.
Thanks, Greg