Invisible list attribute causes ordinary paragraphs to appear as lists in multimarkdown output.

If I have a list paragraph that I manually convert to a normal paragraph, the list attribute “sticks”. That is, I remove the bullet, then copy and paste a normal paragraph’s formatting, but when the file is compiled to multimarkdown, the first word is replaced by a number, making it a list. In the attached file (Mac Air using Mac OS 10.12.6 and Scrivener 3.0), the paragraph “Random words” becomes “1. words” in the multimarkdown output.

The workaround (and arguable best practice in any case) is to use “None” in the list menu to convert it to a normal paragraph. However, there is no visual indication that the paragraph is still a list in some sense, and it probably shouldn’t be in any case. (10.8 KB)

I can confirm the behaviour, though I don’t really know what Scrivener could do to solve this. The user identifies a text block as a list, and the user then deliberately tries to make it look not like a list, but the RTF code still says it is a list.

There is a bug in Scrivener though, the selected list is not indicated (textedit on left, scrivener on right):

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 21.13.37.png

If this was indicated then the user would “know” it is still a list right?

That’s not a bug, it’s just different behaviour. Scrivener doesn’t have access to all of the TextKit’s internals.