invisible project file !

I’m currently working on my dissertation with Scrivener on my mac, and it’s great. My file was originally called thèse.scriv. After a few months of working on it (it opens directly when I open scrivener), I realized the name of the file, in Scrivener, had changed to thèse [05/02/09 15/49]. I thought, ok, maybe the program crashed, and this is a recovery file. In fact, when opening the original thèse.scriv document, it does not show the same information as the thèse [05/02/09 15/49] document that pops up automatically when I launch scrivener. So I thought to myself: I will just look for this file in the finder, rename it, and delete the one that is not up to date. But the file is nowhere to be found ! I have more than 500 megs of stuff (I did a backup of the project, this is how I know), and all my dissertation…on a ghost file?! On top of that there is no “save as” option fom scrivener…So I have no idea where this file is. Any clue ?
Thanks a lot !

Hi Francesco,

It sounds as though at some point you have made a backup of your project and then started working from the backup - the date at the end of the file name is appended by default when go to File > Backup To (this is the only time the date gets added in this way). For Scrivener to be opening the file, though, it must exist. :slight_smile: To find where the file is located, ctrl-click on the .scriv icon at the very top of the title bar when the project is open - the icon next to the project file name above all of the icons in the toolbar. Ctrl-click on this shows a menu with the folder hierarchy in which this file is saved. This should allow you to locate it.

Hope that helps.
All the best,

Thanks a lot Keith - I found the file !
It was in fact in a backup folder, I could just not find where !