Invisible Text

I’ve been using it to write my NaNoWriMo this year and have been satisfied with it so far. But to my horror, when I looked back to find something I had written earlier, I found that large blocks of text were missing in my document. The words were showing up in my wordcount at the bottom of the window, so I was a bit confused.

Long story short, the words are just invisible and I can get them to reappear by starting a new line before them and then typing something. The paragraph will reappear, but it’s a bit tedious since I have to do this for each and every missing paragraph.

Am I doing something wrong here? The words will also reappear if I copy paste into a new text. :neutral_face:

Which version of the beta are you using? That was fixed in one of the updates. I’d check the Bug Hunt forum for links to the 1.3 version.