Invisible time markers for dialog length (needed for countdown device)

Hey gang,

I’ve been using Scrivener for years, not using its power. I finally need something powerful, but I don’t know if it exists and how to search with the right key words

I want to put invisible markers in a scene full of conversation so I know how much time has passed. I’m using 150 words per minute for the conversation. In the story, there’s an alarm going off in the scene every five minutes. So I need to roughly calculate this and mark it in the dialog (for me the writer to see). It’s easy to highlight the conversation and see how many words are in a selection (thanks, scrivener). But I would like to put a marker or rule in the scene that is only visible to the writer, this will be much easier when revising, than recalculating with highlighting.


Sounds like a good job for inline annotations, to me! Try hitting ⇧⌘A to turn annotation typing mode on and type in a few letters, to see how it works. By default none of these markings will compile. Refer to §18.2.1, Inline Annotations, for further info.