involuntary change in the underline colour

Hi, first of all sorry about my english.

This problem is freaking me out. When I select some text in certain document and then I check the “Underline box”, the underline appears as a blue line instead of a black line. I do not know why and how to solve this issue. Other documents included in the same projects are also affected while others documents show the black line when I hit the box as usual. So I do not have a clue about what is the matter with this. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance.

There are some known bugs in the text engine we use that can cause this to happen. But it is very easy to fix if you encounter it:

  1. Select all of the text in the affected area.
  2. Press Cmd-T to reveal the system “Fonts” panel.
  3. Click the underscore button along the top and select “Color”.
  4. Set the color to black.