iOS 11 problems with bluetooth keyboard.

I’ve searched the forum but did not find any post to refer to my problem.

I use Scrivener for iOS as my primary writing tool, the mac version is only to prepare my work for posting. Because of this, I depend heavily on external keyboards. I work with Logitech bluetooth keyboards, models K380 and K480.

They have worked well with Scrivener since I bought them, but I started having problems with them since upgrading to iOS 11 and the whole problem with Dropbox. I have no problem using the keyboards with other apps, they still respond, but with Scriverner it has become a matter of luck. If I work on Scrivener and happen to leave the app for a moment, when I return the keyboard is no longer working. I have to go to the Bluetooth section in settings make the iPad (iPad Pro 9.7) forget the keyboard, add it again, and I have to do this several times until it takes and I can work again with it.

It’s getting really difficult for me to keep using Scrivener because of this problem, I hope someone knows how to correct this because it’s really keeping me from working, and frankly no other app can compete.

I know your original post is a few weeks old, but I wanted to let you know you are not the only one having some issues with BT keyboards in iOS 11. Things do seem a bit different for us, though.

I find that occasionally,(1 in 3 times) I connect my BT keyboard (a Logitech K811) and the iPad recognizes it and removes the on-screen keyboard. However, I can’t actually enter any text with the keyboard. Special keys (like Home and volume) work fine, but I can’t enter text at all in any app. I disconnect, reconnect, forget, repair, etc, with no difference. I have to restart the iPad to get it to actually enter text in any field in any app - not just Scrivener.
The problem is annoying and inconsistent - sometimes it works fine, sometimes I have to reboot. While I can’t say it’s fixed it for sure, after applying the 11.2.1 iOS update, I have not had the issue reoccur. However, I haven’t used it enough to know it’s gone.
In my case, I know it’s not a Scrivener issue. Your case seems it may be a bit different. Anyway, I thought you would like to know you’re not alone with BT keyboard issues in iOS 11!

I am using a Brydge with my 12.9” iPad Pro. It is not the best keyboard out there butI’m not experiencing any issues in Scrivener or Dropbox that I don’t see with any other iOS app.

I have been facing this same issue with the keyboard lately after I updated to iOS 11.2.5. Any idea how I fix it? I am totally depended on Scrivener app for as my writing method.

I’m using iOS 11.2.6
Scrivener 1.1.5 (1301)
and a Logitech DiNovo Edge for Mac bluetooth keyboard.

This is the first time I have used a bluetooth keyboard with Scrivener iOS, and I’m not going to assume that the problem has anything to do with Scrivener.

The current issue is that when using THIS PARTICULAR bluetooth keyboard I am experiencing issues similar to those above. The onscreen keyboard does not dismiss and accordingly input from the bt keyboard is not accepted into any app, including Scrivener, unless the onscreen keyboard is present. I have not had to do anything more involved than single- or double-tapping in a text entry area of the screen in order to restore the onscreen keyboard and reenable both onscreen and external keyboard entry. I have not had any occasion where onscreen keyboard did dismiss with the Edge keyboard, but I have regularly used a different somewhat newer bluetooth keyboard with my iPad without any unusual behavior. Further, I have just confirmed that other keyboard to work as intended with Scrivener.

From my viewpoint as an iOS developer and longtime beta tester of software and hardware, this appears to be an issue with Bluetooth compliance and compatibility. True and comprehensive compliance with the standard is rarer than we, as consumers, would hope, regardless of the peripheral involved. The keyboard that does work happens to be a fairly high-end mechanical custom made by a now-defunct low volume maker. The reason it is likely to work properly is that the bluetooth transceiver chip in it was a fairly high-spec, high-cost selection at the time. It pairs with 10 devices and allows switching between them at a keystroke. Sadly, this keyboard is about 4 years old and no longer being made, but It does give hope to those out there that are having problems.

Go to a major computer store and take your tablet. The gang that works there will have no problem with letting you pop batteries into the demo units to check how they work. I’m betting that Logitech fans, like myself, may be a bit disappointed. They have ridden their own 2.4ghz “universal receiver” for a long time and thus have not had the same all-in emphasis on using bluetooth and solving the issues.

For what it’s worth, I will leave you with this test. If you see a problem with a peripheral in more than one app on your iOS device, the problem is with the OS or hardware, not the app developers. If there are only problems in one app, the issue is something that the app developer MAY be able to resolve, but they also may not.

Apple doesn’t allow anything like low-level access to external peripherals like keyboards and headsets. Everything is passed back and forth through the OS. The display of the onscreen keyboard can be called or dismissed by the app developer, but I’m not even sure that the OS allows the app to know the origin of a typed letter, so the developer cannot tell if it came from an external or onscreen keyboard. It makes sense from Apple’s point of view. It’s secure. From the viewpoint of a developer, it’s limiting and puts us and our users at the mercy of Apple’s coding ability and master plan.

I hope this has helped and that those of you having problems find a keyboard that works as well as Scrivener does and that you love the feel of. IT IS OUT THERE!


I am to tell everyone that the issue is gone in ios 12. You can again enjoy the keyboard and keep on typing great things. :slight_smile:
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