IOS 13 public beta bug: Dropbox syncing

Hello, I just wanted to report an additional bug with the iOS 13 public beta 5 and 6. Scrivener has stopped being able to sync at all. Whenever I attempt to sync the app crashes. Also when I attempt to click on the Scrivener settings in the settings app it also crashes. I believe in earlier versions of the public beta I was able to sync, now now I have crushes on both my iPad and iPhone.
Thank you, I look forward to an update!

man that’s frustrating. I’m on the latest beta and i’m not seeing this issue at all. Might try resetting the app or something

Can you confirm that Dropbox itself works correctly in the beta?


I’m sorry I did not respond sooner. As of the new iOS beta today (13.1) the app is now syncing on my iPhone. I am updating the iPad to the same version to see if it is fixed there. Thank you for the responses!

UPDATE: When I updated iOS (or iPadOs) the iPad still would not sync. However, when I changed the sync folder to the approved Dropbox location and copied over my files, the problem was fixed. That will teach me to use a custom folder…

I ran into a similar situation. I pulled everything out of dropbox (previously not inside the default folder), made sure all files were in the latest file format version (had some old Scriv 2 files), and then copied them one-by-one back into the default Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder. Sync seems to be working now.

Running 13.1 beta on 2018 iPad Pro.