iOS 13

Hello. just wondering if anyone has tried Scrivener for iPad using any of the iOS 13 betas ?

I want to play around with the beta (Tech nerd developer) but I also need to be sure Scrivener will be ok! :slight_smile:

The main problem I’ve heard of is for those that rely upon auto-correction and auto-capitalisation to handle typing and spelling tasks for them. If you have those things turned off, you should be okay, but if you use them, then you may get some weird capitalisation around apostrophes, like don’T and grocer’S.

That is my issue so far, but only when using a hardware keyboard. If you are using the on-screen keyboard you should be fine. You can also turn off auto-capitalization in the settings for just hardware keyboards and it fixes the contraction issue

I just ran into a thorny issue while attempting to use the iOS version (using iOS 13 beta) and the Mac version together via dropbox. Work I did on iOS was not synched in the Mac version. After several attempts at opening the same project on both devices in hopes they would eventually sync, the files I created yesterday were finally created on the Mac version, but were empty. Worse still when I opened those files on the iOS 13 Scrivener, those files were ALSO empty, meaning I basically lost everything I did yesterday.
I tried using Dropbox’s versioning tools, but this did not work. Scrivener complained that the file did not contain data files.
I am certain this is a problem with Dropbox syncing and it may very well be my fault for trusting beta iOS 13, but L&L should look into this just the same
I also noticed when I try to access the synching settings in preferences, the iOS version of Scrivener crashes, which makes me think this may be an issue for L&L to look into

Ahh, that’s one of the things I have been worried about. Files and cloud stuff has changed in 13. I think I’ll hold off a bit longer! thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

@ElderX: I think it would be easier to roll your device back to the previous backup with iTunes, than try and sort things out with Dropbox. It doesn’t really have any mechanisms for handling large-scale file and folder roll-backs. It requires you to manage each file individually.

As for the problem itself, I haven’t seen anyone else posting something along those lines, so some basic troubleshooting would be a good measure to take I think:

  1. Backup the device. Reinstall for iOS.
  2. Link Dropbox to an empty test folder.
  3. Start with the creation of one simple project from iOS, and test single-action syncs from one device to the next. I.e. you create a project then sync it. On the Mac you add a word to the starter file, then sync it. On iOS you add a new document to the Draft and sync it.

If basic functioning can be demonstrated, then roll the device back to where the data was still good, and try to work forward from there, replicating your steps as best you can recall (which may include reinstalling the beta), looking for the break.

Well, it is definitely not a good idea to install beta operating systems on anything you use for real work, anyway.

@AMBERV Thanks so much for your excellent suggestions! I don’t blame Scrivener in any way for my data loss BTW. I knew the risks of using a beta build of iOS 13 for real work. The text I lost was not significant. I will however try testing Dropbox/Scrivener when iOS 13 is finally released

Again thank you for your excellent procedures. I will definitely give them a try when iOS 13 is released.

In my case Scrivener doesn’t crash anymore since I turned dark mode off and on again. But I still can’t sync. Notification says it can’t reach the host. The problem seems to be Dropbox, as I can’t connect to the Dropbox app anymore either.

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