iOS 15.2, Scrivener 1.2.1 crash


I updated my iPad air 4th gen from iOS 14.x to 15.2 today, and now Scrivener crashes immediately upon opening.

All of my projects are in dropbox, which seems to be working fine.

Tips to get going again or lead on coming app update would be appreciated.



Welcome to the forum, David.

I recommend checking your iPad’s App Store to ensure that you do not have any Dropbox updates to install.

Then, please turn off the Wi-Fi on your iPad temporarily. You can do this via your iPad’s Doing so will stop your iPad from trying to sync to Dropbox, which might be the cause of the crashes.

Then, please open your iPad’s Scrivener app and unlink its Dropbox connection. To do this, please go to Scrivener’s main projects screen and tap “Edit” on the upper edge of the screen. That should have Scrivener show a small gearbox icon on the lower edge of the Scrivener interface. Please tap that gearbox and then choose “Unlink DropBox” in the options.

Scrivener will ask you if you want to “Delete or keep files?” If you choose “Delete,” Scrivener will remove all of the projects currently saved to your iPad. They will resync later. If you choose “Keep," Scrivener will move any projects to the “On My iPad” section of the main projects screen.

If you’d like to be doubly secure, you could use one of the methods on this Knowledge Base article to manually back up your Scrivener projects, just to be safe.

Next please turn Wi-Fi on again via the on your iPad. Then, please return to your’s main projects screen. Please tap “Edit” again and then the gearbox icon. Now, you should see the option to “Link DropBox.” Please choose this option.

DropBox will launch and tell you that Scrivener wants access. Tap “Allow.” Choose your DropBox folder and you’re done. (If you chose “Delete” in that earlier step, then all your projects will resync.)

This should be a one-time process. To put that another way, if you go through this process and Scrivener continues to crash, then please consider opening a help ticket. If you need to open a help ticket, please share a link to this post so that the tech-support person who selects your ticket can see the steps you’ve already tried.


Wow, thank you for that great reply. Unfortunately, my Scrivener has crashed with the wifi turned off since I first linked it to dropbox.

The instructions implied there must be some data problem, probably related to dropbox. Since I couldn’t start the app to unlink drop ox, here’s what I did:

Sign out of dropbox on the iPad.

Back up all dropbox on the Mac (which I normally sync back and forth with the iPad anyway), just in case.

Delete Scrivener from the iPad, along with whatever local data it had.

Download Scrivener from the app store and start it up. It started and was empty. Quit Scrivener.

Sign back in to dropbox on the iPad.

Scrivener then gave me the option to re-link dropbox, which I did.

Scrivener then proceeded to process my entire set of projects, and everything is back.


Am added bonus is that Scrivener now opens and runs when the wifi is off, saving a bunch of battery, and I can work for longer periods without being tied to the wall. Yay!

Thanks again,